Telovychovna jednota Ostrava

Physical/ postal address:   Varenska street 3098/40a, 702 00 Ostrava, Czech Republic


Quality Hotel Ostrava city - 4 stars

Physical/ postal address:   Hornopolni street 3313/42, Ostrava
Phone:+420 595 195 509
Fax:+420 595 195 555

Sports hall of TJ Ostrava is about 1200 m from the Quality Hotel Ostrava

Harmony Club Hotel

Physical/ postal address:   28. října 170, Ostrava
Mobile:+420 731 191 945, +420 778 717 089
Phone:+420 596 652 122, +420 596 652 123

Sports hall of TJ Ostrava is about 1200 m from the Harmony Club


Physical/ postal address:   Tyršova 6, 702 00 Ostrava 2
Phone:+420 599 099 099


The organizers will provide transportation for teams and officials from the airport Ostrava, or from the Main Railway stations in Ostrava to hotel Park Inn and back and local transport from hotel to Venue and back. We will use for it the right number of buses and minibuses.

Near Ostrava is also Leos Janacek Airport Ostrava serving domestic and international destinations (London, Paris, etc.). Ostrava has direct train connection with the capital Prague and other cities abroad (Wien, Warszawa, Bratislava, Kosice, etc.). There are two main railway stations: Ostrava-Svinov (recommended) and Ostrava-Hlavni nadrazi (old).

Free pick up/drop off transport service

From the airport in Ostrava and the railway station Ostrava-Svinov the organizer provides transport to/from the hotel for free.

Ostrava: Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport, Czech Republic

Distance: 25 km – Bus (45 min)


Ostrava-Svinov Railway Station, Czech Republic

Distance: 5 km – Bus (15 min)

Other destination possibilities

There is also possibility to arrive from many farther airports in Katowice (POL), Krakow (POL), Brno (CZE), Vienna (AUT), Bratislava (SVK) and Prague (CZE).

From the following other airports organizer does not provide transportation (in exceptional cases only – by appointment).

Katowice: Katowice International Airport, Poland

Distance: 120 km – Bus (1,5 h)


Operated by: LEO Express

Krakow: John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice, Poland

Distance: 150 km – Bus (2 h)


Operated by: LEO Express, RegioJet

Vienna: Vienna International Airport, Austria

Distance: 310 km – Bus (3 h), Train (4 h)


Operated by: LEO Express, ČD Czech Railways

Prague: Vaclav Havel Airport Prague, Czech Republic

Distance: 390 km – Train (3 - 3,5 h)


Operated by: LEO Express, RegioJet, ČD Czech Railways

Journey time is about 30 min from airport to railway station in Prague and 3 hours by train (from Prague to Ostrava).

Brno: Brno-Tuřany Airport, Czech Republic

Distance: 170 km – Bus (2 h), Train (3 h)


Operated by: ČD Czech Railways

Wroclaw: Copernicus Airport, Poland

Distance: 250 km – Bus (2,5 h), Train (5,5 h)


Operated by: LEO Express

Bratislava: Letisko M.R.Štefánika - Airport Bratislava, Slovakia

Distance: 305 km – Train (3,5 h)


Operated by: ČD Czech Railways

Warsaw: Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland

Distance: 390 km – Train (5 h)


Operated by: ČD Czech Railways, LEO Express

Travel companies contacts

LEO Express –

ČD Czech Railways –

RegioJet –


For PTT events, the entry fees include accommodation and capitation fees. The entry fees have to be paid in Euro to the organizers as set out below:

Entry fee:

€ 590/person/double room (ITTF Capitation fee included)

€ 690/person/single room (ITTF Capitation fee included)

Entry fee to be submitted with the 1st Entry (10th June):

€ 200/person in double room

€ 200/person in single room

Entry fee to be submitted with the 2nd Entry (23rd July):

€ 390/person in double room

€ 490/person in single room

Special price for a class 1 and 11 player´s guide: (€ 465 entry fee+€ 25 capitation fee) € 490 per person sharing with a class 1/11 player.

Note: The costs of the classification day is not included in the entry fee.

Note: The first official meal is the dinner on the day of arrival and the last official meal is the breakfast on the day of departure. If you would like to have a lunch on your arrival or departure day, you need to pay additional cost.

Should there be any additional team members or for the team member’s additional nights, the fee is € 80/person/double room or € 110/person/single room.

If an association wishes only to pay an accreditation fee, it will cost € 250/person but does not include any transport, meals or accommodation which should be organized by the respective association. In this case an accreditation fee must be paid in the first entry!

Name of organisation:TJ Ostrava
Bank name:Komercni banka a.s.
Account name:TJ Ostrava
Account number:61830761/0100
Specification for Payment:Czech Open 2019 - Country



Should you need assistance to apply for a visa (e.g. a letter of invitation), please provide the organisers with the following details:

  • Full name as in passport
  • Function in the team
  • Passport number
  • Passport expiry date

Note: the requirements for visas are not under the control of the ITTF or the organisers but under the Slovenian Government’s jurisdiction and the association must fulfil all requirements in order to get a visa in time. It may take more than a month to obtain a visa.


The policy applies as follows:

25.1 cancellation after the first entry but before the second entry: the first entry fee is forfeited.

25.2 cancellations after the second entry: the first entry fee plus an additional 30% of the entry fee is forfeited i.e. a total of 60% of the total entry fee.

25.3 cancellations within 10 calendar days of the arrival date will be decided by the organisers in consultation with the TD.

This is provided that the player is not able to prove circumstances beyond his or her control e.g. admission to hospital.